Friday, November 23, 2012

Irish Ancestors Archaeology Chart and NY Irish Limited Edition Print

Our Heritage Partners at Know Thy Place have offered one of their 'archaeology of your ancestors' map as part of an IRISH REWARD PERK BUNDLE from our Indiegogo Crowd Funding Campaign.
People first settled in Ireland over 9000 years ago. There is virtually no corner of the island that hasn’t felt the footsteps of our forefathers. Know Thy Place gives you the opportunity to understand where you live - or where your ancestors were from - in a completely new way, providing you with a beautiful chart to display in your home or workplace.
These Cork-based archaeologists offer custom charts tailored individually for you and your place, as well as generic charts that explore the island of Ireland, its counties and the ancestral homeland of Irish-American Presidents.  
A County Chart is ideal if you have not yet identified your ancestor's townland. Sometimes family names give clues to a possible county or counties - for example the O’Donnells of Donegal and the O’Briens of Clare. These charts examine the significant archaeology of the county, exploring it’s history from the first settlers through to the modern day.  Know Thy Place also creates Custom Charts with more detailed information from your family history.  
Included in this bundle is a sketch of your ancestor by New York artist Maryann Tracy plus a 24" x 33" print of legendary landscape artist Edmund Sullivan's "Next Parish, America".
Edmund Sullivan's "Next Parish, America"

Also included in this Irish Reward Perk Bundle a Wild Geese women's or men's hoodie from our store on CafePress, a pack of Shamrock Seeds from, 3 nods for The Wild Geese Hall of Fame plus your photo and one of your particularly beloved Irish ancestor in the mosaic on our new website!

Please go to our Indiegogo Campaign page and claim your rewards, no contribution is too small and we appreciate your support of and all our amazing Irish Heritage Partners.  For more information on our other Heritage Partner perks visit our Hell's Kitchen Blog

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