Guest Bloggers

Join our Guest Bloggers from the Irish Diaspora around the world as they generously submit their own Irish Family History stories to

Reaching out to the Irish Diaspora to submit articles to our Irish Genealogy Blog has been a success and we have new friends too!

Annie Moore & Brothers Courtesy of Megan Smolenyak
If you are interested in submitting a short 400-500 word article on your Irish family research please contact We ask for an image or two that you own the copyright to and also a short bio on your genealogy background i.e. how many years, countries and names you are researching.

We will link back to your blogs or sites and provide 360 degree promotion on our social media sites. love connecting to the Irish Diaspora around the world so please join us in our new 2.0 as we launch new platforms.  We are especially looking forward to our new 2.0 website coming in the next couple of months!  

We are also a member of  geneabloggers .com and are connected to many Irish genealogy groups through our Twitter account so please join us there!


  1. what is this statue of people disembarking from a ship and where is it located?

  2. Which picture are you referring to?

  3. I know how hard it is to keep up with this genealogy efforts. It looks great. Keep up the good work. Lumbee Tribe - Sweatt Genealogy