Monday, October 10, 2011

Excerpts from our Newsletter

  Excerpts From Newsletter
Alannah Ryane's Interview with Deborah Large Fox:
Making Our Ancestors More Than ‘Blanks on a Chart’ 

Ireland's invitation to Irish Everywhere  

"The Gathering 2013"

Irish Proposal a Threat to the Archaeology of the Diaspora 

Riverdance Co-Founder Launches New Site for Irish Diaspora

A member of the popular Geneabloggers Group on, Deborah Large Fox's Help The Faerie Folk Hid My Ancestors! blog was voted as one of Family Tree Magazine's Top 40 Genealogy Blogs 2011.

Fox: "...One is to pay attention to family stories. The Irish tradition is an oral one, dating back to the ancient Celtic bards. Yet, time after time, professional genealogists say that family stories are mostly false..."

Fox: "...There is an old saying, I don’t know if it is an Irish one (if it is not, it should be), “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.” From what I have learned of Irish history, the challenges served to strengthen the ties that held the Irish together as a people. One of these ties is the family. As I wrote recently, sticks alone can be broken, but bound together with string, they are strong. Family is that string for the Irish..."

".....I think that the benefits to Ireland would soon outweigh the costs. Not only do the descendants today have a passion to find their ancestors, they seem to have a strong need to stand on the land of their ancestors. And, after they stand on that land, they want to go into town and have a pint or two, and then bring home as many Irish goods as they can stuff into their suitcases!"

Irish Initiative Expects 300,000+ for 2013 Homecoming
Such a spike in visitor numbers could add another €220 million to the Irish economy, according to a figure reported in the Irish Times’ Friday edition. “The Gathering 2013” was unveiled Friday at the Global Irish Economic Forum in Dublin Castle, where the Minister for Tourism Leo Varadkar described it as an "invitation to the world to come and join in Ireland's renewal...

Irish Proposal a Threat to the Archaeology of the Diaspora 

...Perhaps more than any other period, says Damien Shiels, it represents the archaeology of the Irish Diaspora. That is why everyone who cares about the heritage of the Irish, whether in Dublin or Timbuktu, should weigh in on an Irish government's proposal to remove protection from historical sites dating from 1700.

Riverdance Co-Founder Launches

John McColgan, co-founder of Riverdance, unveiled, a website designed to strengthen ties between the Irish people and “those who think Irish...

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